Sabtu, 6 Februari 2016

Pity you, pity me, pity us.

I feel sorry for the girls out there who think that every guy in this world are the same.

Just because they having a bad relationship or a scumbag playing with their heart, it does not mean every guy out there will doing the same thing at you.

These scumbag are the reason why some guys like me, doesn't have any chance to make a move.

"Kalau dh nama lelaki, lelaki jugak",

"lelaki semua sama",

"jantan tak guna".

Those words are the common words that came from heart-broken girls mouth.

I just hope that someday, these heart-broken girl will opened up their heart, to give chance to somebody to enter their life.

If every guy in this world are the same, your mother won't get married and you won't exist in this world.

Just give it a shot. I'm pretty sure you will find the right guy after this.

It's just a matter of time. Believe in God plan.

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