Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

6 Years & still counting.

Assalamualaikum and good evening (or morning? whatever).

5 month without a new post, huh? sorry for that. quiet busy.

It's been awhile. For 6 whole years, i managed to survive. Living as a single man. Honestly, am so alone. I have a lot of friend to cheering me up. I have my families around to support me. But, there's something that keep bothering me. Something's missing somewhere.

Every single time, when i attend to my friends wedding, that "unknown" feeling keeps hunting me.

I feel so much envy with 1 of my friend. He's a nice guy & good looking man. He just broke up for 5 month -/+. Her ex's the one who ask to break off with him. Then, he can easily move on and find a new girl. Around 8 girls are listed on his wishlist. haha. But, i know, he just want to makes the right decision on picking the right girl to be his GF. When compared with mine, i just can't move on. My old love stories keep bothering me. I'm too afraid to ask girl out. Too scared to confess my feeling. Tired of getting dumped. Those feelings are the reasons why i can't move on.

Three years ago, am so in love with 1 of my classmate. But, i just kept my feeling away without letting her know. and yes, after a years, she's belongs to someone else. I wonder if she's aware bout the feeling that i have for her, but i guess, there's no use for that. It's all my own fault. Keeping without expressing. No self-confident? Maybe that's the right word for me.

Today, i do hope that i can overcome my fear, and start to move on. The problem is, i don't know how to get rid of that thing. Maybe time will ease the pain, and build up my confidence? Who knows, right? I will continuously pray and hope that God will help me out to lend me some strength to move on.

P/S: Leave some comment if u guys have some tips or info to share with me. On how to overcome my Low-Self Esteem virus. :')

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