Khamis, 18 Oktober 2012

The sensitive part that is called "HEART"

It's 4.15 a.m.
I'm still awake.
I don't know why'd i still awake even-though it's getting late now.
Maybe it's because, today is the most painful day for me.
Just get to know that, someone who'd i called as a friend, the close one, did take advantage over me.

I don't get it.
Why'd people are able to do that?
I prefer to use word "STOLE" in this case.
He stole my crush?
He'd know about my feelings towards her, yet, he doesn't take serious about that?
What am i to you?
A human without feeling?
Come on, man.
Have some respect over me.
I've never tried even once, to stole your happiness away from you, but today, you've stole mine.
I feel so disappointed, sad, mad & much more negative feelings about this.

A few days ago, you'd say, that you will try to help me about this.
You've told me to be frank with her & you'd ask me to express my feelings towards her.
Is that all just a scene that you've set up?
Or are you really2 sincere to help me?

Now, it's mean nothing to me.
I've lost some faith towards you.
I can't differentiate which side are you belong to.
The bright side?
Or the dark side.
Only time will tell.
And only time will heal the pain.
Thanks a lot, my friends.

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